About Us

ScribeRule, Inc. is a software development company specializing in the security, control, and sharing of information and data.

The History Behind the Name

Scribe Rule is a timber framing building technique that dates back to the early Middle Ages. It is the practice of marking, in advance of assembly, irregularly shaped wooden timbers with enough accuracy to ensure a structurally sound fit at a later date. Per New Heritage Woodworking:

"Each timber is custom mated to its adjoining timber and vice-versa. Exact dimensions as well as localized characteristics are transferred (copied or scribed) onto each other and typically require specialized tagging/marking systems to track their future assembly. Scribes, Plumb bobs and specialized transfer tools are often used to layout the joinery."

The Scribe Rule process, still practiced today, allows timbers to remain in their unassembled form until reaching their assembly point, permitting easier handling during storage and transport. To the uninitiated, in their unassembled form, the timbers provide no indication or hint at what they are to become. However, once at the assembly point, the transcribed codes on each of the timbers and at each of the points of linkage reveal the design, allowing for assembly into a three dimensional, recognizable structure.

How does that apply to ScribeRule, Inc.?

ScribeRule's technology is based on similar underlying principles as the traditional Scribe Rule process but we work with your data instead of timbers.

Our technology ensures that your information, at its inception, is uniquely "scribed" to you as the data owner. Just like the Scribe Rule marked timbers hide their ultimate form prior to reaching their assembly point, your data remains indiscernible to anyone without the appropriate permissions and keys, rendering it useless to hackers. In other words, like the timbers, your data will not be transformed into its ultimate form without your keys... the "Scribes", "Plumb bobs", and specialized transfer tools provided by ScribeRule.