Your Content, Your Rules, Your Way


Hacked Lately?

What if it didn't matter?

ScribeRule has developed a groundbreaking technology that changes the way information is protected.

Our technology works under "Presumption of Breach", which means that we don't care if systems are, or become compromised.

Our innovative approach to handling and storing your information keeps your data safe, even against advanced hacking techniques.

Is the Enemy Within?

Are you concerned about sensitive data leakage? Insider threats?

With ScribeRule, no one person, even a system administrator, has all the keys to the kingdom.

ScribeRule technology protects your data from insider threats.

If your hardware, or the data it contains, is lost or stolen - you are protected!

ScribeRule makes it nearly impossible for a large scale data breach to occur, even with collusion from the inside.

Can you Collaborate with Confidence?

Share data and collaborate with unparalleled control and confidence.

Decide who, what, how, and how long others can access data.

Documents, Presentations, Messaging, and many more.... With ScribeRule, you have full control!

Collaborate with Confidence. Let's work together!

"ScribeRule provides empowerment in the cyber domain... allowing full information sharing and full protection."

General Michael Hayden, USAF, Retired

Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

Ensure that your information remains exactly and precisely that...
Your Information.